Prop List

DGP Year Two, Editorial Photography
  • Prop table (Wooden)
  • Roses (REN)
  • Red berries (REN)
  • Black Cumin (BODY SHOP)
  • Red Camellia (BODY SHOP)
  • Edelweiss (BODY SHOP)
  • Rose Hip Seed (The Ordinary)
  • Beakers and test tubes (The Ordinary)
  • Vines/A bed of leaves

replanning: editorial.

Digital Darkroom

For my editorial shoot, I will be looking into multiple skin care brands that cater to anti-ageing genre. I feel that would suit the readership of the The Telegraph as their readers are often more sophisticated. The brands that I would like to shoot are:

  • The OrdinaryScreen Shot 2018-05-22 at 9.15.15 pm.png
  • The Body Shop

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 9.52.25 pm.png

  • Ren

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 9.58.45 pm.png


Visual representation

DGP Year Two, sky atlantic

I remembered how stereotypical representations of fights or any clashes between the main character and their rival always had a specific indication to their dispute. For instance, it can be represented in the way the subjects pose or use of colour


 Image result for movie posters with fighting in it Image result for movie posters with fighting in itImage result for movie posters with fighting in it


I discussed with Mairead and Sinead on using colour to show a contrast between the two characters in our shoot. Red and blue was the first that came to mind because it’s a common couplet of colours to use to demonstrate a clash between two people. This can be easily registered into perspective by the audience.


Image result for red and blue movie poster Image result for red and blue movie poster Image result for red and blue movie poster


To also add thematic continuity throughout the series, the group discussed about how we can represent the protaganists’ internal struggle. We thought about using chains but using chains would create a harsh and gritty feel to the look. I suggested we could use ribbons because Sinead mentioned about how gymnasts and contemporary dancers would use ribbons in their dance moves. The idea works perfectly because we could tie the ribbon around the wrists of the model to make it look like he’s trapped, similarly as you would when tying someone’s wrist with chains. Using a ribbon in oppose to chains would give it a delicate look but also have an ironic twist when used to symbolise struggle.

The idea of a string also reminded me of a Japanese myth.


Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 11.32.42 pm.png

Image result for red string of fate

The red string of fate is tied to two people which will eventually lead them to each other. The idea of fate seemed to work perfectly as our SA series has a love interest. Using a red red ribbon to symbolise this would also enhance the continuity of the series.


Sky Atlantic #1

sky atlantic

For our SA idea, we’ve decided upon creating a shoot for a “dance drama” series. The idea for the series is that Jared Beninto has a passion to live a life of dance and performance arts, but, his father is in the way of his dream. His family is involved in many rivalries, where one of them is against the Valentino family. To come through ande reach his dreams, Jared has to overcome his fears and step out of his father’s shadow. With the help of Aline May, his dreams are only steps away to becoming the true dancer that lives within him.

The inspiration stems from movies like Stomp the Yard and Step Up, as well as, The Godfather and The Goodfellas

For the shoot, we’ve planned it chronologically to how the series would run: