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Billboard, DGP Year Two



Fenty Beauty

Advertising, Billboard, DGP Year Two



  • Rihanna, the founder and CEO of Fenty Beauty created an inclusive and extremely diverse range of beauty products for women of all skin tones to be able to their shade in make up.
  • Advertising included 40 models from diverse backgrounds to showcase the multitude of shades Fenty Beauty has to offer. Advertising has tones of inclusivity and unity, showing that women from all backgrounds are beautiful.
  • My intention for the upcoming billboard shoot is to communicate the same inclusivity and diversity that fenty beauty is known for. To execute this, WOC (women of colour) will be used for my models.
  • I have specifically chosen two models [CHINESE AND INDIAN] to be showcasing the featured product for the billboard.




  • Claims to be the perfect red lipstick that suits all skin tones
  • this will be the selling point of the shoot