Boss Shoot

Diego Vanassibara is a shoe designer and owner of his self-named shoe brand which he sometimes calls “Diegos”. I contacted him through the phone and agreed to meet-up with him to discuss taking his portraits. The first thing I had notice when chatting with him is his vibrant personality. Every time he describes his brands, he sparks up with this Brazilian flair to emphasise his love for his brand.

That gave me an idea for where the shoot to take place. I went with Neal’s Yard because of it’s colourful and because it’s hidden away from the main streets, stumbling upon it for the first time is like a pallette cleanser from the dull-coloured builings in London. I went to do a recce there as Diego agreed and wanted to have his portrait taken there. 


Documenting my depression

Originally my idea was to photograph my family’s old house in Whitstable, however, after sending a letter to the current owner, I didn’t get a respond. So, I went for my second idea.

I was pretty hesitant to photograph my depression. It makes me feel nervous to show the people who I see every week a sickness that’s been with me for a decade of my life. I’m afraid of the stigma that could come with it but, I also feel the need to show my perspective on it. An almost-first-person-view of what and how I experience it.