Working in the studio; conclusions.

DGP Year Two, Editorial Photography

The outcome for my shoot wasn’t to my liking. I’ve managed to get my establishing shots, but I didn’t have enough time for two more product shots. This is due to poor timing and poor team skills.

On the day, I felt like I had a grip on telling my MUA and my prop stylists what I needed but I felt that I couldn’t communicate with my assistant enough. I noticed that the assistant was often looking at their photos and their phone which resulted me with having to speak louder (my throat was sore at the end of the day), or just carried on my own. However, I see that I understand that I also should have worked a bit faster, for instance, when I assisted, I should have cleared the props faster when the shoot was done so I had time to set mine up. Instead, I waited until I realised that most of it was in the way when I was trying to set up.


The shots

Since I didn’t have enough shots, I was gutted but I made the decision that I’d crop some of the images from a few of the photos that did not made the cut. What I’ve done during the shoot was taking shots from different focal planes.

And because of that I managed to crop specific elements of for the product layout:

For the shots I needed for the brands, I only had to crop one of them :

And I also included a model shot to demonstrate what the product would look like on the face:

06-the telegraph



Overall, I wasnt happy with my shoot, I feel like I could have done better. If I could have redone the shoot, I would have focused on the time I had better and communicating better with my assistant.



DGP Year Two, sky atlantic

The final images are arranged in chronological order:

  • Overall I’m happy with the outcome of the images, especially how they are animated, however, there are a few things I would like to change if I had more time:
    • The lighting. While I do like the red and blue gels, I feel like it technique of the lighting could have been improved more with better planning. I feel like while there were already pre-planned lighting diagrams I drew out for the team, the sense of uncertainty and sudden change in narrative had left us having to guess different lighting techniques.
    • The poses. The last image of the bound hands were meant to symbolise freedom but on the day of the shoot, there was a lack of concentration and while I had already set up the studio for the photographer, I somehow ended up being the photographer for the shoot. Because of that, I didnt had time to think about what I was doing and focused on just getting the work done as I was pretty tired.

That aside, I was confident in myself and the team for our Sky Atlantic Project. Mairead did a terrific work in directing how she would like the images to look and Sinead was working really hard in photographing what Mairead needed.

editing the title

DGP Year Two, Photo Film, sky atlantic

first attempt:

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 9.32.27 pm (2).png

  • I really liked how the two fonts worked together and I made the smaller text wrap around “clash” so that it had a 3D effect
  • I went with red and blue because I thought going with the “red and blue” theme in the posters were a good idea but when I placed it over the image, the colours couldnt be seen much


second attempt:

  • using adobe küler, I chose yellow as an alternative since it’s brighter and more visible.
  • I wanted to add more dimension to the text so I added shadows by masking it in.
  • while working on this, I added a grey background so that I could see the text better

Final product:

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 9.53.47 pm (2).png

  • to create emphasis and imply that the series will have drama in it (if the title isn’t obvious enough), I added holes into the smaller font and created a burnt affect by masking in more shadows and switching the layer style to multiply to give it a darker look. I tried using the burn tool but it wasn’t working at the time.
  • Finally after quickly placing over the image to check, I decided to put a gradient over the text just to make it look more dramatic.


Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 10.19.17 pm.png

final product


Editing Sky Atlantic posters

DGP Year Two, sky atlantic

1         SA2

  • During our planning process, we had a problem in deciding between creating a gif or a parallax and ultimately, we settled with a parallax. I decided that since we mostly shot in studio, I felt that making this have a 4 second duration would be enough as there were only a finite of elements I could work with to create something visually interesting.

The whole process of editing started with selecting my images on Capture One and bringing in psd files from photoshop so I can separate each element in the image. Afterwards, I have the separate psd layers transferred over After Effects and worked with the puppet tool.


  • After pin pointing each element I would like to be moving, I render and export it back into photoshop.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 5.41.15 pm.png

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 5.36.58 pm

  • Since I wanted it to loop, I placed it into photoshop into a timeline and changed the video frames to layers. This allowed me to copy and reverse the frames and paste it at the end where it would move back and forth.
  • After that I exported it as a gif which you can see above

animating the title

DGP Year Two, Digital Darkroom, Photo Films, sky atlantic



  • I wanted to animate the title because seeing it static over the moving image looked weird
  • I wanted to make the words seem like it was crashing/falling into each other

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 10.28.26 pm (2).png

  • What I’ve done is applied the same technique I did for the image which was using the puppet tool on after effects.Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 11.50.50 pm.png
  • I created three meshes so that the first and last letter could move on their own and the middle alphabets with the text wrapped could move as one unit
  • What I wanted was to have the “C” and “H” crash into the middle and have that create dents into the centre alphabets
  • After rendering that into the gif, I was happy with being able to learn that process, however, I feel like the words are falling too quickly for the viewer to be able to register the name of the title, so right now it just looks like a bunch of letters falling into each other