Final outcomes

Digital Darkroom

LavazzaAfter several psd layers, this if the final outcome for my Lavazza ad.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 4.03.40 pm.png

What I really like about it is how it strays from the usual Lavazza persona. This dark take was inspired by my personal interest in horror. By featuring Jason Voorhees as the character for my ad, I felt that he would be more recognisable as he is one of the well known monsters/killers in horror movies and video games.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 3.59.59 pm.pngWhat I struggled with while doing this project was figuring out how to turn the day background into night time. I also had difficulty understanding how to work with tones and saturation to fit the mood of the ad.


Working with other elements I felt that it was easy, for instance, removing highlights and filling in shadows.

Another struggle I encountered was turning the image into a portrait as I felt that pose/position of the character was awkward.

zenty portrait.jpg

Personally, I’m not too pleased with the portrait and felt that I should have shot it differently to give the image more context. Another thing I could have done was bring up the brightness more but I was also trying to maintain the creepy mood of the image which is why I made the decision to leave the brightness as shown in the images.

Overall, I did enjoy doing this project as it allowed me to creatively flourish and challenged me to focus on details and create a visual narrative; something I’m not confident of sometimes.


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