Lavazza, coffee to die for!

Digital Darkroom

When it was mentioned that we’re allowed to create our project based on any genre, I naturally felt inclined to design an ad with dark humour.

I looked into other companies that have made a funny product advertisment with a dark twist and found a variety of them related to a tv show series, an adoption centre and another that features the classic Frankenstein’s monster.



Out of those what pulled me in was the Smirnoff ad with Frankenstein’s monster. That advertisment was made during the 1960s and featured in a magazine for Halloween. Smirnoff’s aim was to promote halloween themed drinks for an adult audience.

What I want is to recreate something similar to that but featuring a more recent character. I thought of using Jason Voorhees as the face of Lavazza’s ad campaign.


What I envision is to have Jason in the foreground of the image, having a cup of coffee. Behind him would be a pile of dead bodies, freshly killed by our protagonist. To emphasise on humour and the motif of the coffee brand, each dead body will hold a Lavazza coffee bag or cups and saucers. This would be set in the forest because the character is known to perform his murders in there or near a cabin by a lake. A final add to the advertisement would be a slogan that’s going to feature on it which would say “Lavazza, coffee to die for!”.


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