Overview & Evaluation: Fanzine

Location Photography, Studio Photography

Magazine pdf: suara


Starting this project, I wasn’t sure if I could do it. Although it we had around 2 months to do our work, it took me nearly two months to build a relationship with those who were featured with my magazine. I have to admit that the hardest part was trying to find someone who was willing to have a conversation. I have met a fair amount of homeless people who were still learning to cope with their reality. The first few I met were angry with their lives. They seemed unwilling to open up, even if I asked them “How are you?”. By the time January was close to an end, that was when progress started happening.

I noticed that having an “interview” style kind of conversation didn’t get me very far. In fact, it made me feel more awkward talking to people. So I decided to drop the whole interviewer act and just had a regular chat with the homeless. I am aware that by doing that I’ll be losing a structure in my stories that would make it easier for me to follow, but, I feel like it makes their stories a lot more interesting.

The downside, however, is that I wasn’t able to put the stories in so I had to resort to dummy text. Another thing I couldve worked on was timing because if I planned thos more carefully, I would have more time to work and design my magazine as well as checked if I needed to reshoot anything. It would have certainly helped if I have done that because some of the text in my work didnt turn out well which I suspect is due to the font type.

What I did like about the work was meeting the people featured in my magazine. It helped me build my confidence with approaching and talking to strangers.


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