Taylor Wessing photographic portrait prize, exhibition review

Location Photography


Coming into the gallery, I peered over the multiple portraits in the room.  A lot of them caught my attention but what I noticed were the variety of styles pictured in every frame. That is one of the things that peaked my interest as a first impression. However, not many of the portraits in that captured my attention.

Out of all the pictures, this was the only one that gained my attention. Personally, I have a fascination about the details of the human body so I found myself examining each wrinkle and fold on the models’ body. What I like about this portrait is the sense of vulnerability sensed on the surface of the image. It is bold; you don’t see many images of naked old women posing for you a lot. On the other hand, it also carries a certain grace to it. It highlights this gentle reminder that beauty does come with age but it takes a different form. Certainly different from the mainstream idea of beauty.

Aside from that, I was pleased with the exhibition and I might look into joining the 2017 competition as well.


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