Fanzine: On approaching strangers

Digital Darkroom

In my first time round, I met a man named Danny Richardson and had a conversation with him in a cafe I frequent in Carnaby. Dan is one of the homeless people that I have interviewed (or more like having a chat with) about his life and experiences with living on streets. Going into this slightly unprepared, I decided to ask a few basic questions that could give an insight of his life. It started off with a bit of jokes but the conversation quickly took an emotional turn which almost led me to tears. Almost.

The link attached is my conversation with Dan: Audio

In trying to improve on my social skills, I watched this video of Brandon Stanton’s approach to talking to strangers. His advice is the following

  • energy: nervousness makes it difficult for strangers to want to be comfortable. Be relaxed.
  • dont approach from behind: it’s just weird
  • Maybe bend the truth a little: Approach them with the intention to have a conversation, then pop the camera out for a photo

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