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Planning out my magazine, I’ve decided to name it Suara. Suara, where its name comes from its malay origins that directly translates to “voice”, aims to present to the viewers the life stories of those who have been forced to call the streets “home”. Battling day-to-day issues from surviving to personal care, London’s homeless is not something of the uncommon.

The inspiration for this came to me when I revisited some old photographs I’ve taken for a project that I’ve done in Malaysia:


Looking at these photographs reminded me of the issues certain parts of Malaysia had where some basic necessities were inaccessible to villages located in the outskirts of nearby towns. And that got me thinking about the issues London had.

Since it’s winter time, adverts everywhere call attention to the continually rising issue of homelessness in the city. A year ago, The Guardian reported that as the housing crisis in London rises, the numbers of rough sleepers are doubled.  Organisations such as Streets of London, work hard in trying to reduce numbers by tackling the problem raising awareness through charities and other means.

For my fanzine, I want to focus on taking the stories of the homeless by interviewing them and publish their words into my work. However, the issue with this would be the difficulty of building rapport between myself as the photographer and the subject. There is also another issue where certain subject matters may be sensitive to ask, therefore, I have to carefully plan my questions so I won’t trigger any problems.

I’m taking on the Brandon Stanton’s style of documentary photography/photojournalism. Since he’s known for Humans of New York, I feel that by applying that style of storytelling is interesting and familiar to the readers. Having an informal, first-person style of  story-telling seems to ease in readers into being interested and allows them to see the point of view of the storyteller (in this case, the homeless.)



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