Personal shoot #1

Digital Darkroom

In the last few weeks of December, I’ve been working with Kaushik Valendera, a student from Saint Central Martin, with photographing his project which is a transforming garment he’s crafted. Essentially it was a fashion product shoot.

What I’ve done was help him contact and plan out this shoot. I’ve gone to in search of a studio and stumbled upon Lightworks that’s based in Brixton. It was a lovely studio that’s only recently set up and Anastasia, the owner of the studio, was helpful. The cost of renting the studio was £200 for a full day shoot, however the price was reduced down to £175 due to a mix up in the schedule. We had two models come in, male and female as well as a MUA coming in. Personally, I have hired my own team consisting of just a Digi-Op and myself as the photographer.

IMG_9681 2.JPG

lighting diagram

For the set up, the client requested for just a clean look, focusing only on the product itself. So what I’ve done was set a white colourama and a studio light with a diffuser.





The shoot went on for 5 hours as we worked from the start of the evening until 10pm. Below is the finalised images that will be used for the client’s project.

Organising this shoot was hectic being that it was my first time. What I would’ve done was prepped a list of people and places before so that it would feel less like it was last minute. However, cancellations can happen unexpectedly and it has taught me to be on my toes about it.



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