A Rough Start- Magazine shoot

Digital Darkroom

IMG_7134.jpgHere’s a raw image from the shoot previously mentioned in the last post I was planning for.

So there were many changes I had to make in the last minute, for example, I didn’t get the dress I wanted because red flowy dresses are scarce in this season’s retail stocks. The mask that I had constructed got destroyed by London’s unforgiving rainy weather, hence the overpriced Venetian mask. And lastly, my inspiration and motivation for the shoot. I have to admit that because I couldn’t achieve the vision that I had for this shoot, it brought me down. However, the photos did come out relatively well.



the set up

My shoot was inspired by Giacomo Favilla’s project called “One of Us” where their intention was to create an impression of an imaginary world where animal and human nature is embedded together as one. Immediately, the title of their project is what drawed me in. I thought about how humans have their own vices and we act upon them through a obsessive compulsive behaviour. Personally, I feel that our vanity is one of the things we obsess about because although it helps us create our own identity, there are times where we go over the limit and create this entirely new facade and our original selves becomes hidden away in this “mask”. Therefore, what made me connect with Favilla’s work was the idea of the hidden identity through the use of the mask.



Contact Sheet




What I have done is positioned the key light to project rembrandt lighting as I wanted more depth in the shadows of the mask to lose the identity of the person behind the mask. My aim was to emphasise the loss of the human characteristics and to focus on the mask as a symbol of vanity. I also added a mirror as another prop to help emphasise the concept further.

What I feel that I could have improved on was experimenting much more with lighting. Due to time constraints, I had the inability to use other forms of lighting techniques that I had in mind.

However, I do like the outcome of this shoot. The mask creates the sense unfamiliarity and unease because although it carries the characteristics of a human face, the eyes are dark and haunting. The intricate details of the mask and the prop carries an certain kind of elegance to it which juxtaposes with the inhuman characteristics, projecting a shallow view of the model for the viewer.


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